Get Your Marketing Humming


15 years of expertise in marketing strategies, social media, email marketing, Search-Engine-Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, and content marketing. With Dexter Creative's imaginative vision, we can provide you with data-driven lead generation campaigns that not only meet your goals but surpass them.



  • Creation of cost effective campaigns that have improved cost-per-lead from $50 CPL to $18 CPL (for Enfocus Solutions)
  • Developed and launched integrated marketing strategies, including email marketing, that propelled sales by 24% and a monthly increase of website traffic by 34% (for Enfocus Solutions)
  • Increased online apartment leases by 53% (for Archstone-Smith)
  • Launched first RV membership mobile application (for Camping World)
  • Increased social media followers by 29% in a few months (for Mercy Housing)
  • Increased number of donors by 120%, email donations by 2,756%, and website donations by 284% in two years (for American Humane Association)
  • Created social media profiles and engaged targeted communities through blogs and message boards, resulting in 30% of increased participation (for American Humane Association)